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Monday, 12 January 2015

New AutoCode for Milestone XProtect

We are announcing the new release of AutoCode 2.8.9 for Milestone XProtect.

The main goal reached by our developers was to improve the recognition module’s key

functionality and to build its compatibility with the Milestone products released in 2014:

  • Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.6а;
  • Milestone XProtect Corporate 7.0а;
  • Milestone XProtect Express 8.6а;
  • Milestone XProtect Expert 7.0a;
  • Milestone XProtect Professional 8.6а.
Monday, 12 January 2015

New AutoSDK versions out

We are proud to announce the release of long-expected 2.4.12 version of AutoSDK, the core of our Overseer products.

But not only our applications are built on the basis of AutoSDK – we also use it in AutoCode recognition module development.

This module is a high-performance addition for products of such world-known companies, as ITV, Milestone, NUUO: this fact speaks for AutoCode’s competitive strength.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Certification of AutoCode for xProtect

We are proud to announce that VIT Recognition Server (AutoCode XProtect 2.0 module for Milestone Xprotect video surveillance system) was certified by Milestone Company and starting now it’s officially included to the list of the software that Milestone Company has approved for usage with xProtect systems.

Thursday, 01 August 2013

Webinar for Autocode NUUO license plate recognition system

23 and 25 of July 2013 together with NUUO Inc. were held two webinars dedicated to Autocode for NUUO LPR/ANPR system.
Among participants there were current NUUO clients and partners from CIS countries and Eastern Europe. After webinars all participants received presentations, system descriptions and demo-versions of Autocode system.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A new cooling system patent received

Our company has received yet another patent for an invention for our protected OutdoorBOX computers. The patent protects a unique passive cooling system for the processor.
Monday, 23 January 2012

Certificate of conformity for industrial computer OutdoorBOX

With a big pleasure inform you, that on the 28th of December 2011 the Certificate of conformity for industrial computer – OutdoorBOX was obtained. It is unique development that hasn’t analogues of efficiency and it is affordable.

The Certificate confirms correspondence of OutdoorBOX to all mandatory requirements of All-Union State Standard ISO 60839-1-3 (par. 5,2: -1, -2, -6), Standard 12997 (par.2,16),  Standard  26342 (par. 4,1; 10,1), Standard 27990 (table  4).

Overseer Parking

Overseer Parking

A lot of innovations in the fields of parking and, for sure, automating of these actions, have appeared recently at CIS market. Thecities are often divided into zones with different tariffs, as well as in the different periods of day parking costs are also different.There are also more methods of parking payment available now: tickets can be bought almost everywhere, there are sms-systemsof payment and long-term accounts.

Overseer Traffic

Overseer Traffic

Unlike Overseer View and Overseer View IP, Overseer Traffic version is designed mostly for governmental, instead of commercial use. In comparison with parking video surveillance systems, Overseer Traffic is different by high-speed recognition of vehicle number plates in the video stream – full 25 frames per second (fps). This allows using it in busy places, at intercity and international roads, where car flow is strong and moves at a high speed.

AutoSDK is a development kit for license plate recognition.

AutoSDK is a development kit for license plate recognition.

“Video Internet Technologies” company developments in the field of license  plate capture and recognition started from the unique core, “brain” of the system. It is build upon a solid mathematical apparatus and protected by many patents. This development is one of the best in the CIS. If you or your company are involved in the software development, than Overseer AutoSDK was created for you.



Outdoor Box -Industrial computer, designed for the installation in outdoor conditions or in places with high moisture and dust pollution (factories, car washes, etc.).  Small size and weight allow installation of OutdoorBox on the pillars, frames or hanging constructions.OutdoorBox can be used as a part of video surveillance systems.

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