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On this CD you will find information and marketing materials about Overseer video surveillance and number plate recognition systems, information about hardware products of Video Internet Technologies company and different recommendations on selecting and adjusting equipment.

License plate recognition

Overseer Parking

Overseer Parking is a video surveillance system with number plate recognition function. It is designed to be used on parking lots, enterprises with limited access, checkpoints, airports, railway stations, custom terminals, etc. The system allows establishment of distributed solutions with unlimited number of cameras and application servers.

Overseer Traffic

Overseer Traffic is a high-speed number plate recognition system that allows keeping an archive of recognized plate numbers, detecting wanted vehicles, capturing traffic rules violations. The system gives opportunity to provide distributed solutions with unlimited number of cameras and application servers.

Overseer AutoSDK

This SDK can be used on PС x86 (32/64 bit) platforms based on Windows® 2000, Windows® 2003, Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows Seven®, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux operating systems.

Overseer AutoCode

Overseer AutoCode is a number plate recognition module for “Intellect” (AxxonSoft),   "XProtect" (Milestone)  and "NUUO MainConsole" (NUUO) surveillance systems.



Protected computer, designed for the installation in outdoor conditions or in the places that require heightened dust- and moist- protection (industrial plants, car washes, etc.). Small size and weight allows the installation on the pillars, "frames" or pendulous constructions.

Modules of discrete control and input

The modules are designed for discrete control with different load and inquiries for status of discrete inputs through the interface RS485 or USB.

ANPR cameras

ANPR cameras are specializes number plate recognition cameras that can be used on parking lots, roads and highways. Plug and play mode is a special feature of ANPR cameras. It provides quick installation, automatic adjustment and 24/7 work of the camera after installation.
Built-in IR projector provides 24/7 work of the camera without adjustment.


Guide for selection, installation and setting of video surveillance cameras
How to work with HASP keys
Quick guide on how to setup number plate recognition with Overseer
Data required to teach the recognition algorithm of AutoSDK new number plate types
Recommendations on how to select appropriate server for your task
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