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USB-oscilloscope - IRIS When developing or examining any electronic devices, it is often needed to measure parameters of different signals and interpret them. To solve these problems several devices are necessary: oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, logger, logical analyzer/generator. Each device often requires a separate interface slot and has a special power supply that is also a negative factor.

 Usually, professional measurement equipment is too expensive not only for radio-amateurs, but also for large enterprises. We created IRIS USB-oscilloscope - a compact device that combines all the necessary functions. As original developers of this device we can set relatively low prices. Our oscilloscope is affordable for every radio-amateur, in the meantime, it requires little place and is reliable both for amateur and professional measurements.


IRIS USB-oscilloscope modes:

- Double-channel oscilloscope: marker measurements, synchronization (absolute, differential, external) and a regulated pretrigger, signal voltage and frequency measurements, filtration.

- Double-channel spectrum analyzer: marker measurements, non-linear distortion coefficient measurements, various window functions, filtration.

- Double-channel logger: marker measurements, the possibility of adding up to 99 markers with comments, changing minimum, maximum and average voltage at each channel, recording a signal for several tens of hours.

- 16(8)-channel logical analyzer: marker measurements, synchronization (by front, by mask), and regulated pretrigger, external timing (synchronization), missing out the set number of impulses, search of set logical combination/front, UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire interfaces decoding.

- 8-channel logical generator: tabular definition of a signal or direct creation of time diagrams at the screen by mouse.

- Accumulator charge/discharge and UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire hardware maintenance functions are being developed.

Moreover, IRIS allows:

- adding comments to each measurement, comments are stored in the same file as the measurement results;

- saving all the measurement results as vector or bitmap drawing for further import to the other programs or as a data file for analysis;

- printing all the measurement results with external printer;

- copying all the measurement results to the buffer;

- setting events and assigning sounds to them;

- calculating various digital filters and carrying out analogue signal filtration;

- smoothing the oscilloscope time diagrams;

- displaying statistics at all the channels of logical analyzer and generator;

- changing interface language;

- upgrading the firmware via USB that allows adding custom-built functions.

Technical characteristics:

Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer:  
- number of channels 2
- sampling rate 100 Hz ... 200 kHz
- memory depth  
reading through buffer: 1126 r/chl (1 channel), 563 r/chl (2 channels)
stream reading: 64K r/chl (1 or 2 channels)
- input voltage -20 ... +20 V (2 sub-band, hardware-based)
- ADC capacity 10 bit
- synchronization

absolute (by positive-/negative-going front)
differential (by difference between adjacent readings)

external (by positive-/negative-going front of TTL level)

- window functions Hamming, Hanning, Blackman, Blackman-Harris
- sampling rate 0,01 Hz ... 200 kHz
- max. recording time 24 h with Fd < 100 Hz
- input voltage -20 ... +20 V (2 sub-bands, hardware-based)
- ADC capacity 10 bit
Logical analyzer:  
- channels 16 (8, if logical generator is connected)
- sampling rate

1 kHz ... 8 MHz

- memory depth  
reading through buffer (Fd=4-8 MHz): 128 bit/channel
reading through buffer (Fd=2-2,66 MHz): 1160 bit/channel
reading through buffer (Fd<= MHz): 1544 bit/channel
reading through buffer in merging mode: 1 Mbit/channel
stream reading (Fd <500kHz): 4k ... 256M bit/channel
- input voltage 0 ... +5 V (has overvoltage protection)
- synchronization by front/mask, misfire, external timing
- timing internal/external
Logical generator:  
- number of channels 8
- sampling rate 1 kHz ... 1 MHz
- memory depth 1544 bit/channel
- output voltage

"0" - 0 V, "1" - 3,3 V

- max. input/output current 10 mA



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