“Video Internet Technologies” company developments in the field of license  plate capture and recognition started from the unique core, “brain” of the system. It is build upon a solid mathematical apparatus and protected by many patents. This development is one of the best in the CIS.

If you or your company are involved in the software development, than Overseer AutoSDK was created for you.

It includes the recognition core itself and usage examples. With its help you can implement functions of vehicle’s number plate recognition in your product or create your own unique system using our recognition module.

AutoSDK is characterized by high operational speed, multithread calculation support and efficient inner architecture. Basing on AutoSDK it is possible to develop different applications, without scaling restrictions: the core linearly expands the number of calculation threads depending on the platform where it is used, and respective license.


You can see results of AutoSDK performance testing .

AutoSDK development kit is licensed channel by channel. One channel implies one surveillance camera. License cost depends on the number of recognition channels on one computer and recognition frame rate.
AutoSDK can be used on platforms PC x86 (32 bit) running under Windows ® 2000, Windows ® 2003, Windows XP ®, Windows Vista ®, Windows 7 ®, or any Linux-distribution based on kernel version 2.6 and later.

Our company provides services considering unit implementation, teaching your development group both remotely and at your office. We provide after-sales support by e-mail during one year. Moreover, extended sets of assistance and updates are available.    

Preliminary assessment of the quality of AutoSDK recognition you can see as the results of the open-competition test of license plate recognition systems .

Now AutoSDK is used in:

  1. All products of Overseer family;
  2. AutoCode - recognition module for systems Intellect (ITV AxxonSoft), XProtect (Milestone) and NUUO;
  3. “Arena” complexes  (Olvia, St.-Petersburg). To date, more than 1000 of such complexes are operating in Russian Federation;
  4. number of other software we can’t cite due to a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).


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