New AutoSDK versions out

We are proud to announce the release of long-expected 2.4.12 version of AutoSDK, the core of our Overseer products.

But not only our applications are built on the basis of AutoSDK – we also use it in AutoCode recognition module development.

This module is a high-performance addition for products of such world-known companies, as ITV, Milestone, NUUO: this fact speaks for AutoCode’s competitive strength.


VIT developers are continuously working on improvement of AutoSDK’s recognition algorithms.

As a result, the new version has even greater recognition rate, as well as the new project examples of SDK usage.

Now every recognition result has its own plate’s coordinate field, not only the most probable one.
In 2.4.12, new license plate templates are added for United Kingdom, Georgia, Turkey and Albania.

Also, much work has been done on improving the recognition of Azerbaijan license plates.

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