New AutoCode for Milestone XProtect

We are announcing the new release of AutoCode 2.8.9 for Milestone XProtect.

The main goal reached by our developers was to improve the recognition module’s key

functionality and to build its compatibility with the Milestone products released in 2014:

  • Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.6а;
  • Milestone XProtect Corporate 7.0а;
  • Milestone XProtect Express 8.6а;
  • Milestone XProtect Expert 7.0a;
  • Milestone XProtect Professional 8.6а.

AutoSDK’s latest version (2.4.12) has become a core of the new module, as it now has optimized internal recognition algorithms.

New licence plate templates of Great Britain, Georgia, Turkey and Albania are added.

Also, much work has been done to improve the recognition of Azerbaijan license plates.

For a greater usability several new features were made:

  • recognized license plate can be shown in a frame with an opportunity to zoom in for a closer look;
  • automized check-up of module’s correctness settings;
  • dublicated data are indicated with colour in a list;
  • information on current camera resolution is displayed at one of  the module’s tabs;
  • incorrect settings (if any) are indicated in the system tray.

AutoCode 2.8.9 is an essential addition for Milestone security systems, designed to enlarge your control opportunities.

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